Who We Are

Blue Habits is a South African IT and information management consultancy that specializes in the alignment of business drivers with data-centric technology. Our passion is bringing the people, data, and systems together and helping organizations enrich their business opportunities.

Simply put, we help our clients to get stuff done, we lead, we advise, we’re “in the business of making data and solutions profitable” and very often we do it all-in-one!

About Us

Our mission is to bring together the most talented people to help our clients accelerate product development in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We believe in real agility.  Being agile, not just ‘doing Agile’.  Not pseudo agile or one-size-fits-all.  No blah blah blah – we cut through the clutter and deliver results.

Our expertise has been gained in helping some of the leading companies in South Africa drive value from their data. Whether your organization is a large multinational corporation, or a midsized local business, we are able to provide our years of experience to help you achieve your data-driven business goals.

What we do

We get stuff done:
We lead in Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Consulting in the area of Database Management, Data Modelling, Data Architecture, Data Management, Analytics and Business Intelligence. We are in the business of improving your business.

We advise on Solution Architecture

Blue Habits brings 21+ years of experience in proven software design patterns that will evolve your current Business solutions to the agility and competitive edge it requires. 

We live Agile IT Project Management

We assist organizations improve performance and build a sustainable competitive advantage by planning, managing and completing IT projects, on time and on budget.

We advise on IT Asset Management

Our services are designed to coordinate and collate the management of all IT assets throughout the organization, such that improvements in asset utilization, risk mitigation and cost reduction can be achieved to the benefit of all parties.

In short

We take your vision and get it done. Our people are experts and provide leadership in tech, product and delivery, especially at manager, coach and director level.

We Advise

We advise on all aspects of Solution Architecture, BI, Agile Project Management and ITAM delivery. We can help you to optimise or transform your organisation from beginning to end by providing consulting, training, coaching and leadership.

We Do

We deliver your project, on time and in budget.  Our teams are top quality people – sourced, selected and managed by us, so you can ramp up fast and get stuff done, even when busy.

Why Choose us


We are unique characters with our own personality and charisma. We're authentic and not afraid to be ourselves. We keep our individuality and are different to other consultants. We help our clients to be different too.


No blah blah blah, we're straight-talking but we’re on your side, so always speak with respect and humility. We are honest and act with integrity. We keep things clear and simple, so we can move fast and get stuff done.​


We are passionate about our work and ​experts in what we do. We have fun because we love what we do, and have been doing so for 21 years. But we are serious about quality and delivery. ​You won't find better people anywhere.