Agile Project Management & Consultation

What is it?

With Agile, No Warnings Needed

It takes a cooperative team of employees to complete a project. But it's a fragile process that requires the right scope, goals, and management. 

Who is it for?

  • Companies who want to adopt or improve Agile practices in their teams (Scrum or Kanban).
  • Team Leaders facing process related obstacles in the development teams.
  • Any team with a project that evolves over time, especially when you want to improve the next version.
  • Teams that anticipate changes to take place during the course of a project.
  • Businesses that want teams working collaboratively and creatively.
  • Businesses with clients who want to provide and incorporate feedback as the project evolves.
  • Project teams that work with service orientated and non-physical deliverables like code, copywriting and design projects.
  • Teams that work with external agencies and need to collaborate more seamlessly to meet deadlines.
  • Businesses with projects that require everyone working in the same place and need rapid feedback from each version or draft.
  • Teams that need a process that they can learn from and improve on for the next time.

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What you get?


Increased Stakeholder Engagement and Satisfaction

Agile provides for a high degree of collaboration and engagement between the client and project team – before, during, and after each Sprint, resulting in increased transparency and client trust.

Delivery on Time with Expected Quality

By using time-boxed, fixed schedule Sprints, new features are delivered quickly and frequently, with a high level of predictability. As testing is integrated throughout the lifecycle, it provides the opportunity to release or beta test the software earlier than planned if there is sufficient business value.

Higher team morale

What could be better than being part of a self-managing team where you are allowed to be creative, innovative, and acknowledged for your expertise?

Reduced Risk

Project managers cannot see into the future, but they can adapt to changes more easily when and if they happen, virtually eliminating the chance of absolute project failure.

Faster Return on Investment

The many opportunities to inspect and adapt throughout agile projects means benefits are realized early while the product is in the development process.

Good Quality Software

Regardless of how you define quality, Agile teams will deliver it. Because testing is integrated during development cycles, you can see that the product is working during the development.

Flexibility / Agility

Agile development principles are different. In agile development, change is accepted. In fact, it’s expected.

Structured Action Plan

To start or extend your development team smoothly, thus getting robust and predictable delivery

Team Efficiency

Agile teams are known to be highly efficient at getting work done, allowing you to build an effective team and maximizing development performance.

Real-time project tracking with JIRA

Track the development progress in Jira Boards according to your rules and workflow. Find out at any moment who is doing which tasks and the time left.

Big Data & Analytics

Managed Service Delivery with end-to-end responsibility, onsite, onshore and offshore with fixed price or time and material.

Agile Training, Coaching & Consulting

Building your effective team and maximizing development performance.

From staff augmentation to agile projects

From scrum masters, to product owners, technical leads, agile project managers, agile business analysts, agile test managers and testers to UX designers and content managers, we can assist.

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How it works

Having worked with countless organisations has helped us to see what gets agile to work and what doesn’t. At Blue Habits we have a tried and tested formula for taking you on your journey to agile.

  1. We assess how you’re currently working and what you want to achieve, we discuss your business needs and expected result and benefits you can expect.
  2. Once we have completed scoping the project, our experienced Process Consultant will give you a proposal with clearly defined objectives, a delivery plan, responsibilities and outcomes. We take you through an initial building phase workshop to strengthen your capabilities and carry out initial pilot work.
  3. The new ways of working are rolled out in a series of key steps (sprints and scrums), with built-in inspection and adaptation as you go along.
  4. Follow up: After implementation, our Process Consultants will follow up with your development over the course of a few months.

You could be looking to improve quality, reduce costs, increase throughput – whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it.

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