Business Intelligence & Data Analytics

What is it?

Much has been written about the role of information in modern organizations, and evidence suggests that massive value can be attained when businesses use data to understand and optimize their operations. In other words, big data, and the actionable intelligence it offers, is an invaluable asset, and executives who focus on data analytics and business intelligence are more likely to uncover market trends, customer preferences, hidden patterns & correlations, and other useful business information that can help transform how the organizations do business.

“To an outsider, Data Analytics and Business Intelligence might look similar and serving the same purpose, while they may not have the same outcomes. Business Intelligence (BI) is a comprehensive term encompassing data analytics and other reporting tools that help in decision making using historical data, while Data Analytics focuses on algorithms to determine relationship between data offering insights, and predictive capabilities in support of BI.”

Blue Habits provides a range of Data Analytics & Business Intelligence services including consulting, implementation and analytics. With our Business Intelligence consultation services, you can move quickly from insight to action and plug performance gaps.

Who is it for?

  • Firms wishing to convert masses of data into actionable and insightful business information.
  • Firms wishing to make decisions based on objective reality, and not what people think reality is.
  • Organizations wishing to have meaningful cross-channel conversations.
  • Companies wishing to integrate analytics tools into their daily operations.
  • Organisations looking to improve their ability to access and analyse data in various business units.
  • Firms that face issues of unstructured, low-quality, poorly stored and incomplete data.
  • Organisations on the brink of a merger and/or acquisition, with a variety of disparate data sources that needs to be merged.
  • Firms that want to improve operations performance of business units, leading to better financial returns and alignment with strategic organizational goals.
  • Companies with no budget for hiring full-time data analysts.

The Big Data Revolution Is Coming: Is Your Organization Ready?

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What you get?


A team of Blue Habits Data Experts and Consultants

Blue Habits brings 21+ years of experience in proven software design patterns that will evolve your current Business solutions to the agility and competitive edge it requires.

A much easier way to make informed decisions

Gain insights to understand and analyse your business performance and opportunities on a deeper level.

A structured way for growing revenue and saving costs

Increase your competitive advantage over other players in the industry, including larger businesses.

To empower your people

Share information efficiently and effectively with people across your organization.

Improved efficiency of business operations

Analyse and evaluate information that is more accessible and easy to interact with to make strategic and tactical decisions.

Improvement in the quality of their customer service

Simplify collaboration and sharing and improve alignment with a single source for accurate financial and operational information.

Deliver meaningful analysis and reporting

Have a solution with the scalability and flexibility to grow and change as your organization does.

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How it works?

Transforming the raw material of data into valuable business insights requires a great deal of integration, transformation, and analysis. Blue Habits can help make this process more efficient with faster time to value through:

Our dedicated team of highly-qualified professional Data Architects and Business Analysts who will set up the project in consultation with you

Business analytics is about finding answers, discovering new insights and linking these insights to decisions. By starting with KPI’s, strategy definition, BI maturity assessment, identification of reporting needs, BI architecture, conceptual design and Implementation plan.

Our data experts and operations team will do your data assessment and preparation in a matter of few weeks

At the heart of our business lies our ability to turn data into information. It sounds simple enough, but more often than not this poses a real challenge. From data extraction, verification and exploration, to conceptualizing, design and the build of easy-to-implement ETL and data integration platforms, we do it all.

Beyond data collection, preparation, modelling, visualisation and enrichment, we make data ready for business users to make informed decisions.

With all this data being collected, it’s important to consider how to put it to better use. Rather than looking at this as a technical project, we focus on actionable reporting, user friendly dashboards, spreadsheets, scorecards, and statistical analysis that turns data into actionable information and insight’s.

Blue Habits Big Data experts remain available for further consulting and post-project support

Establishing and managing effective Data Analysis and BI initiatives is one of our core competencies, a service we offer either as a full outsource, or to supplement our clients’ teams. We are able to offer this service remotely, or on site, depending on the requirement.

Blue Habits Big Data experts will assist you with:

  • Data Source discovery
  • Data Cleaning & Preparation
  • Data Collection & Enrichment
  • Data Modelling, Analysis & Prediction
  • Data Architecture & Data Visualisation
  • Data integrity evaluation and assurance measures
  • Data Management (DMBOK)
  • Data Warehousing
  • Key Performance Indicators & Dashboards

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