IT Asset Management

What is it?

Modern IT is becoming increasingly complex to manage. As businesses grow, and spend more and more money on their IT infrastructures they purchase many IT assets like PCs, notebooks, tablets, mobile devices, printers, routers, servers, as well as customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and office productivity tools.

These asset acquisitions are often made haphazardly as new employees come on board, as upgrades are required, as equipment needs replacing, or as a problem needs immediate resolution.

With Blue Habits IT asset management (ITAM) services we will ensure that you have the right business methodology in place to gain control of your IT assets, manage the various aspects of technology ownership, drive savings in IT spend and measure not only the technical impact of a business’ IT infrastructure, but how it affects the company’s finances, productivity, and operational performance as well.

Blue Habits ITAM experts will assist you with: 

  • Asset Lifecycle Management
  • Transition Management
  • Project Control & IT Governance
  • ITAM Maturity Assessment and Maturity workshops
  • IT Estate Discovery Service
  • ITAM Managed Services
  • ITAM MAD (Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures) Service
  • ITAM Certification and Training
  • ROI assessment
  • IT cost management and reduction
  • License reconciliation and optimisation
  • Technology selection
  • Process re-engineering

Who is it for?

  • Is your business (and your) reputation at risk because of lack of focus on IT Asset Management? 
  • Is your business making best use of its IT assets? 
  • More importantly, do the board and your customers feel that you are doing enough to reduce security and compliance risks.
  • Are you maximising the quality of your service delivery through effective use of your assets?
  • Companies looking for increased IT service management efficiency.
  • Organisations looking to align their IT Department with their firm’s Business Strategy. 
  • Firms looking to reduce IT expenditure, bringing asset costs under control and lower the cost of doing business.  

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What you get?


Know What You Have.

Better IT inventory control means you can quickly and easily find, manage, customize and report on your IT Assets.

Reduced Equipment Down time.

Data collection and analysis on repair history greatly maximizes ROI on your IT devices. This way you can eradicate unnecessary maintenance & support costs, and optimize usage of existing assets.

Avoid costly license & non-compliance fines.

Efficient asset management enables you to avoid costly fines, expensive lawsuits, or any damage to its reputation and balance sheet.

Control your IT assets—and your bottom line.

Getting the most return from your IT investment starts with a clear view of all your hardware and software assets.

Improved Provisioning.

If you don't have a clear picture of what assets you currently have, it will be difficult to provision necessary functionality and ensure that all services are providing business value.

Increase Efficiency.

Nobody likes paying for something they don’t use, but in the IT world you often do.

Improve Security.

A robust asset management system can help you to dispose of hardware correctly, identify software compatibility issues and build a complete picture of your organisation’s tech.

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How it works?

Inventory, Compliance and Vendor Discovery

A key component of asset management is the initial and ongoing inventory or discovery of what you own, prioritising vendors, contract anniversaries and investment approach and not just focusing on the technology platforms you have.

Cleaning up, categorising and asset models

We will clean up and remove all information that is obsolete or invalid. Ensure that all remaining information is accurate and complete, followed by creating categories of asset models such as computers, servers, printers, and software, and creating asset models.

Implementation of IT management Systems

To maintain and support the project, you receive a roadmap for improving your ITAM deployment and development processes, while we will support you in the implementation process

Planning & Analysis

Putting in place and delivering a continuous compliant system that focusses on procurement, change management and assed disposal and replacement that enable procurement or supply management departments to be in a stronger position to negotiate contracts.

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