Solution Architecture & Technical Design

What is it?

In the current age of digital transformation, your business requirements are increasingly defined by your customer.  New requirements are a challenge, and a challenge requires a solution. Software architecture & technical design is the blueprint and the root of scalable software. It is the key factor in reducing cost, improving quality, performance and timely delivery and security of your software solution – making the right choices can shorten development time and dramatically reduce costs. 

At Blue Habits, because we work with clients of different sizes, in different industries, some with and some without their own technical teams, we have to be flexible when it comes to our process. Our Solution Architect experts will assist you in building a solution to a given problem, with a given set of resources, in a given amount of time. 

But we insist on conducting technical design, and we always start by creating a reference architecture. It’s after all the technical blueprint that will guide your team to a successful solution assembly.

Blue Habits Solution Architects will assist you with the following typical systems, and more: 

  • Production Management system
  • Advance Material Requirement Planning Systems
  • Project Management Office (PMO) – Capital expenditure solutions
  • Inventory and Procurement Systems
  • Governmental Transport Management Solutions
  • Case Management Tools
  • Mobile Development
  • Repository based Tools
  • Enterprise Requirement Planning Rollouts (ERP Implementation)
  • Business Rule Engines
  • Process Orchestration & Workflow Tools
  • Modelling Methodologies e.g. UML, Archimate, BPMN 2.0, DMN etc.

Who is it for?

  • Businesses with legacy systems which need to migrate without losses to new platforms.
  • Companies in need of building or scaling their operating solution without loss of productivity and quality.
  • Start-up project to modernise business solutions.
  • Development teams adopting the Agile Methodology.
  • Companies with system integration challenges.
  • Organisations embarking on System Modernisation projects (Legacy Replacement projects) Moving away from the big ERP implementation.

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What you Get

With Architecture and Technical design you get

Improved Productivity

Since the structure is already in place, and the location for every piece of code is known beforehand, it is easier to add new features to existing software, and think through some of the critical technical issues facing your project beforehand.

Risk Mitigation

Through the use of proven and pre-qualified architectural elements, your team gains the advantage of having a guiding vision without the disadvantage of having to rebuild your system.

Faster project set up time

Enabling you to make better cost and time estimates for your project - two pieces of information which management will want.

Better Code Maintainability

It is easier to maintain existing software, as the structure of the code is visible and known, so it’s easier to find bugs and anomalies.

Higher Adaptability and Scalability

New technical features, or adding a business rule engine are easier to achieve, because our initial architecture provides the technical direction required by sub-teams to define and guide their efforts within the overall project.

Veteran Consultants

Not only can we facilitate and lead the design process of your software solutions, we will also coach and enable your development teams to think differently about software design.

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How it works

Expert guidance to define the best Blue Habits Solution for your needs

Initial Consultation to Understand the Problem

Without a clear understanding of the problem, it is not possible to create an effective solution. We will work hand-in-hand with you in our solutions workshops to lay out requirements and objectives, ensuring you arrive at a comprehensive set of deployment actionable recommendations, that aligns with your business strategies, timeline, and budget considerations.

Benchmarking, Recommendation and Functional Analysis

Upon completion of the solution audit and benchmarking, we will provide you with an overall solution recommendation and plan that allows you to see the options, identify the necessary budget and how it can be implemented with a minimum of roadblocks and delays.

The Final Design, Ready to Implement

Our vast experience in the design, architecture and implementation of flexible, extensible and scalable solutions means you will receive completed designs for the end-state solution, including details for each migration phase. You are now ready to implement, having identified technical risks and the strategies to avoid project delays and cost overruns.

Customer support

Our Service Delivery Team will support you in all your requirements post deployment. This means you have access to Blue Habits 21+ years of experience in ERP Implementations and Software development project with your team, guiding your solution through every step of the process.

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