What We Do

What is it?

What if we told you that you can influence the shape of your product throughout the whole development phase and end up with what you really want while still benefiting from the fixed price? The method is called fixed budget.

Fixed Project is ideal for customers with a fixed budget, scope, features, definitions and timeframe. With the Fixed Project model, you define your product concept, and we deliver.

You need this when?
  • You require a low risk option that delivers in time and on budget.
  • You have only a Fixed Budget to develop the product and not more.
  • You want risks to be carried by the vendor, not by yourself.
  • To increase the comfort level of management with potentially large projects.
What you get?

First you define the deliverables and set the price, we then define the scope to ensure delivery on-time and on-budget.

We then tell you how much can be done and when you can expect the final result.

On completion we will deliver to you a full working product, driven by your business vision.

What is it?

Getting any project off the ground can be tricky, especially when you don’t have the time, experience or budget required to scale up internal resources, or you simply don’t have the capacity to free up your internal team’s time from other projects.

Blue Habits has the knowledge and expertise to successfully take the most time-consuming tasks off your hands and enhance your productivity. We get things done on schedule while you maintain control.

You need this when?
  • You need to ramp up the team quickly, but you don’t want to manage hiring, and other HR processes.
  • You require predictable customer or tech support costs to prevent IT problems and avoid disrupting business operations.
  • You have a shortage of highly experienced in-house IT staff, and you need to obtain IT expertise to effectively take a project from inception to closeout.
  • You have cash flow constraints and as budgets shrink and competition grows, businesses often struggle to find the capital to fund projects.
  • You may choose to outsource your project management functions as a result of your business model. 
  • You require objectivity. External project managers often bring a level of objectivity that may not always be present with internal staff, for various reasons.
What you get?

Get a quote and select how you want us to manage your project in-house or remote.

Our project managers are accredited and trained across a range of popular platforms, so we can hit the ground running, while you decide on the scope and deliverables.  

Ramp up quickly while reducing costs. We will ensure clear communication, through a primary point of contact, providing you with complete oversight, while we handle and manage the time-consuming tasks such as project and product management, managing the software team, and improving performance.

What is it?

The business, regulatory and technology environment today is continuously evolving. Against this backdrop, organisations need the capability to deliver the right projects at the right time - and close down those that no longer add value.

As a trusted independent adviser, we understand today’s business challenges and the importance of being able to respond to markets needs quickly. Our clients rely on us to provide accurate information, and our expertise to help them organise, deliver and assess projects to achieve these objectives, so they can make well-informed go-no-go decisions.

You need this when?
  • You struggle to execute strategy using internal project and program delivery capability. 
  • You need unbiased advice, on key vendor management and monitoring activities.
  • You need an objective, independent view of your projects.
  • You need project management expertise in either a lead or support role.
  • You want advice on how to get successful projects to support your business strategy - on time and to budget.
  • You want to develop tools and templates to support projects and achieve successful outcomes.
  • You want to stop project success being endangered by uncertainty around how to manage stakeholders impacted by change.
  • You wish to ensure that project business benefits and performance improvements are achieved throughout the project's lifecycle and beyond.
How it works?

We listen first and then serve our clients through the implementation of relevant, value-adding and actionable solutions, which increase organisational effectiveness.